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Experience our holistic approach to practice, community and education through yoga, breath work, bodywork and meditation.

Practical healing nutrition to keep you strong, happy and alive in evolutionary times.

    Our Clients Believe in Us

    Here Is What They Are Saying

    Over the past 12 months since joining your yoga class, my mobility has increased and my joint pain has decreased. I look forward to your classes and hope they continue for many years to come.

    D. Simpson


    Best I’ve felt all day Sammi. I still feel that lovely pulsing centre of my heart space - open and soft. So want to give you an all embracing cuddle of gratitude. Love you xx

    R. Knaggs

    I benefit from the clear explanation, and how it benefits us; the variety; the mental strength and discipline required to gain improvement; Sam’s individual consultation, advice and her. honesty, professionalism and fun.

    Susan Perry

    My ribs seem to have separated and I can properly breathe !!


    Since I started yoga, I have felt incredibly energised and motivated. Sam is a fantastic teacher, very friendly and engaging.



    My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed Samantha’s yoga classes – particularly because of her attention to individual participants in the class, helping them become aware of how best they could benefit from the various aspects of a yoga practice. Feeling valued and secure in the space she provides, helped us relax and enjoy mindful yoga, knowing it was one of the best things we could do for our minds and bodies.

    Angela Hart

    Graphic Artist

    Thanks Sammi. Really appreciate the work you put in to our sessions are always targeted and fresh. Felt a lot of that all along the backs of my legs. Felt a lot of that all along the backs of my legs. Surprised to discover my muffin top is due to a naughty large intestine and not Xmas Lockdown eating!!!

    L. Yiow

    Absolutely sublime - I mean moving from one position to the next with a damaged core was a real challenge - but I was so ridiculously relaxed afterwards.... nearly gave the kids cereal for dinner... thank you

    B Wilson

    Thanks again Sam for everything, you changed my outlook on life

    L. Luichesi


    Omg best I’ve felt for weeks Sammi !!

    C. Bunting

    That was SO great - I feel a million dollars


    Sammi that neck work was the icing on the yoga mat. Such a relief...I hold so much tension there - grateful to have such effective (and somewhat whacky!) exercises to play with.

    B Knaggs

    Thanks for getting me more acquainted with this little rig I’ve lived with but not fully known about for all these years. You are a little ripper on the mat. Thanks love. Marie XX



    I have a really week core and pelvic floor, so I really got a lot out of your focus on core and stability. It was terrific. Thanks.



    Each session is amazing Sammie. Your knowledge and fun humble way inspires!



    I did the last recording you sent me and I loved it. Felt every cell in my body vibrating after. Lovely sensation of connection and rest. Big love xx